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Commissioners Table Decision on Penrose Marijuana Expansion

After listening to more protests from Penrose area residents over impacts of medical marijuana greenhouse operations the Board of Commissioners tabled a decision on whether to permit expansion of a medical marijuana facility next to Highway 115.   Leif Wagner of Mile High Green Cross is seeking approval of a Modification to Premises to permit him to expand with another two greenhouses for indoor medical marijuana grows at 685 Colorado Highway 115, the former Bikertown facility.

At the April 26th public hearing Wagner told the commissioners that he wanted approval to put up a fence around an existing greenhouse to extend the privileges of his current license.   His plan would include operating in an existing greenhouse that is empty and erecting another one next to it.

The previous owner of the empty greenhouse told the commissioners the greenhouse would be dismantled, but it was not ordered by the board.   Commission Chairman Ed Norden said one of the primary reasons he voted to approve the original license was because the marijuana was being grown inside an enclosed space in the former Bikertown structure.

Several Penrose residents echoed similar concerns saying the odor of marijuana can be detected while sitting on the Coyote Coffee Den’s open patio next door.   Tami Mundy said one of her biggest concerns is the increase in transient and homeless people in the Penrose area.    She also expressed concern that the Mile High Green Cross operation is a stone’s throw away from the Penrose Park which attracts a lot of families and young children.

District 2 Commissioner Debbie Bell said Penrose is being forced to bear a lot of the burden of marijuana.   Bell said she is discouraged over the fact that the flavor of Penrose is changing and that it’s becoming a mecca for marijuana growers.

The commissioners tabled the modification request until their May 10th regular board meeting at which time they plan to detail their findings and render a decision on Wagner’s request.

Another public hearing at the April 26th meeting saw the Board of Commissioners approve a zone change for Bill Balhiser’s property along the south side of Grandview Avenue and west of the intersection of Steinmeier and Grandview.    Balhiser’s 13 ½ acres were never developed into 28 residential lots as part of the original Canon Creek Ranch development.    The commissioners approved a zone change from low density residential to Ag Rural zone district which would allow for some agricultural uses on no more than two lots which will now be created on the property.

In other business at the April 26th Board meeting the commissioners:

  • Approved a $29,050 bid from Patch Construction for work on a low water crossing on County Road 45 in the Coaldale area;
  • Approved a resolution cancelling unpaid personal property taxes for years 2011, 2012, & 2013 at the Creekside Cinema at the east edge of Cañon City.    The commissioners indicated that cancelling the personal property tax debt would enable the new theatre operators to reopen without a heavy tax burden hanging over them;
  • Adopted a proclamation declaring May as Foster Care Month in Fremont County;
  • Adopted a proclamation declaring May as Older Coloradans Month.