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Tourism Council Extends Deadline for Community Grant Applications

The Fremont County Tourism Council has extended the deadline for accepting applications for 2014 tourism funding allocations to February 27th.    Community organizations and non-profit groups that conduct special events which attract tourists and visitors to the area are invited to submit applications for funding assistance.   The Tourism Council by-laws require that at least five percent of Fremont County lodging tax revenues each year be distributed to community groups to support their special events. The total amount of money to be distributed was determined by the Tourism Council as part of their 2014 budget adoption in December 2013.

Application forms are available at the Fremont County Commissioners Office at 615 Macon Ave., Room 106, Cañon City, and at the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce office, 403 Royal Gorge Boulevard, or go on-line to the county's web site at   Click on the funding application link found on the main page.

The application submission deadline for the 2014 tourism funding allocations is 4:30 p.m. Thursday, February 27, 2014 at the County Commissioners Office.     The Tourism Council will not hear oral presentations for funding request. The Fremont County Tourism Council will grant the awards at their monthly meeting on March 3rd.