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Revised Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance to be Considered

An ordinance to regulate home cultivation of marijuana in unincorporated areas of Fremont County will go back before the Board of Commissioners on second reading with proposed revisions.   At the March 8th first reading of the ordinance a number of people addressed the board saying the marijuana regulations would particularly create an undue hardship on medical marijuana patients who grow their own marijuana or on their caregivers.

Fremont County Commission Chairman Ed Norden said the amended language in the ordinance drops references to acreage limitations and focuses instead on limiting the number of plants to be cultivated.   He said the changes also reflect more latitude for caregivers of medical marijuana patients.    Norden said while the commissioners are trying to respond to the desires of those who cultivate marijuana for medical purposes they still want to maintain the integrity of the ordinance that address the negative impacts to next door neighbors.

A red-lined copy of the amended ordinance has been posted on Fremont County’s home web page at so the public can review where the language has been changed.   The ordinance will come up for consideration on second reading at the Board of Commissioners’ regular meeting at 9:30 a.m. next Tuesday, March 22nd.   The Board expects to receive additional public comment at that time before any final adoption.