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Planning Commission to again discuss Accessory Dwelling Unit Zoning

The Fremont County Planning Commission will again take up discussion on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) at their monthly meeting on November 4th.   The proposed 9th Amendment to the Fremont County Zoning Resolution allowing overlay zones for ADU’s was tabled by the Commission at their October 6th meeting.   The proposal stirred some controversy among Commission members which prompted the decision to table the item for further consideration.

The original amendment would have required a minimum of a half acre of property within ADU overlay zones.   Since then the Board of County Commissioners conducted a workshop and is now proposing a minimum lot size of one acre for ADU’s.   An ADU overlay zone would permit a total of two residences on a single parcel of property as long as the parcel is at least one acre in size or larger.   The second dwelling would be considered accessory to the primary residence.  Accessory Dwelling Units would not be allowed to be sold separately or subdivided from the parcel or primary residence.   The ADU’s could be supported by utilities that serve the primary residence.

If an overlay zone is proposed in a particular neighborhood or a portion of rural Fremont County it would still have to undergo separate review by the Planning Commission and a public hearing before the Board of Commissioners.

Approval of the amendment would not create an overlay zone across the entire county.   The Accessory Dwelling Units would be allowed only in those specific areas where the overlay zones are approved.

The ADU overlay zone is the only item of business on the agenda for the Planning Commission.   The Commission meets at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 4th, in the Commissioners Board Room on the lower level of the Fremont County Administration Building.