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Master Plan Survey Deadline is Monday

Fremont County residents who want to have a voice in the county’s vision for the next 20 years and the direction the county should take on land use issues have only a few days left to participate in a County Master Plan survey.   The Fremont County Planning Commission formulated the survey to gather a broad spectrum of citizen input.   So far some 150 people have completed the survey forms either over the internet or turned in a printed survey form.

With the survey deadline approaching on Monday, September 10th, Planning Commission members are urging citizens to take advantage of this opportunity to share your vision for the future.    To complete the survey on-line go to and click on the Master Plan Survey link on the home page.   Hard copy survey forms are available at local libraries, post offices, and the Department of Planning and Zoning in Room #210.    Surveys must be completed or turned in by the close of business on Monday.

The Planning Commission will release draft copies of the updated Master Plan at a future date and schedule meetings to take public comment.