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Healthy Land Stewardship Open House

The Upper Arkansas Cooperative Weed Management Area is hosting an open house in Cañon City to offer landowners information on Healthy Land Stewardship.         The event on Saturday, June 18th, will take place at Fremont County’s Garden Park Building.   Several stations will be set up providing landowners, from ranchers to backyard gardeners, information on a variety of topics dealing with soil conservation and control of noxious weeds and invasive plants.

If you need assistance in identifying problem weeds or other plants on your property, you’re invited to bring plants to the open house for identification.   Custer County CSU Extension Director Robin Young will assist in plant identification.   Teller and Park County Conservation District Manager Mary Menz will explain how to collect and submit noxious weed specimens from your property.    District Conservationist Rick Romano of the Fremont County Natural Resource and Conservation Service will offer information about maintenance of native grasses and land management.

If you need assistance in reading and interpreting labels on herbicides, you’re invited to remove the label from the container and take it to the open house where Chaffee County Weed Supervisor Larry Walker will assist you in chemical identification and herbicide recommendations to control particular weeds and invasive plants.   If you practice chemical control on your property and have a back pack or hand held sprayer you can bring the sprayer to the open house where Fremont County Weed Management Coordinator Tony Telck will help calibrate your sprayer.   If you bring a sprayer for calibration make sure it is triple rinsed.

The open house will run from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 18th at the Garden Park Building at 201 North 6th Street in Cañon City.   Persons attending should enter at the rear door next to the alley.  For more information about services offered at the Healthy Land Stewardship open house call the Fremont Conservation District Office at 275-4465.