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Family Resource Website an Overwhelming Success

The Fremont Interagency Oversight Group (FIOG) in June 2012 created a family focused resource website at  The goal of the website is to provide easy, convenient, and up to date comprehensive listings of local services and agencies that serve families with children.  From the time the website was promoted to the community as being available the FIOG’s expectations was to average a couple hundred visits per month.  Website tracking data has shown a higher than expected number of visitors each month since the website went public.

There have been over two thousand website visits in each of the months of June and July.  There was a large increase in website visits in August and September with over 3,400 website visits per month.  Making the website known in Fremont County has been accomplished with minimal advertising and promoting.  The website has been promoted by FIOG members distributing a postcard size handout, attending local meetings to announce availability, and by word of mouth.  In addition a number of agencies have placed announcements in their office lobbies.  The FIOG would have considered an average of 200 monthly web site visits a success but the numbers have been way beyond expectations.

The FIOG will be offering website visitors an opportunity to share their thoughts and views on the website by completing a brief survey available on the website.  By utilizing the survey information and the average number of monthly website visits the FIOG hopes to provide local businesses with an opportunity to sponsor the website for a minimal monthly cost.  In return the businesses sponsoring the website will have their names displayed on the front page of the website.  Monthly sponsorships will assist the FIOG to reach a goal of having the website become self-sufficient.

The Fremont County Family Resource website is regularly maintained to continue as a valuable resource for families with children and for individuals wishing to learn of the vast number of resources in Fremont County.  For more information or to ask questions you may use the contact feature at the website or call James Berg, FIOG coordinator at 719-269-2047.