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Commissioners Invite Comment on Ambulance Licensing

Fremont County Commissioner Ed Norden has urged citizens who have any concerns about ambulance service in western Fremont County to appear before the Board of Commissioners at their October 9th board meeting.    Norden announced at the September 25th meeting of the Commissioners that the board will consider renewal of all ambulance licenses in the county at that meeting.   Norden said the Commissioners’ Office has received phone calls in recent weeks voicing concerns about Arkansas Valley Ambulance (AVA) being out of service for a period of time.   Norden cited news media coverage regarding two of AVA’s ambulances being broken down and out of service but he said contrary to a television broadcast report the Commissioners were not initiating any action to revoke AVA’s license.   Norden said anyone with concerns about AVA’s operations should attend the October 9th meeting.   He said while the ambulance licenses are not reviewed through a public hearing process, if any citizens want to speak they will be given an opportunity to do so.

At the September 25th meeting the Commissioners voted to reappoint John Marietta to another three year term on the Fremont County Airport Advisory Committee.   Marietta currently serves as the Committee Chairman.   The Commissioners also announced that letters of interest are being sought to fill another vacancy on the committee to fill a post held by Dean Baird who is retiring.   Persons have until 4:30 p.m. October 8th to submit a letter of interest to the Commissioners’ Office in Room 106 of the County Administration Building.

In other business the Commissioners:

  • Approved requests to transfer two wireless communication tower licenses from Alltel to New Cingular Wireless PCS.   One tower is located just east of the junction of Highway 50 and MacKenzie Avenue at the east edge of Cañon City.   The other tower is located southwest of Cañon City in the Deer Mountain area at 28th Trail and H Path;
  • Approved a Special Events Liquor permit for the Florence Rotary Club on behalf of the Penrose Recreation District for Apple Day on October 6th;
  • Approved a Special Events Liquor permit for the Cañon City Rodeo Association’s Demolition Derby on October 6th;
  • Approved a premise modification liquor license for the Kwik Stop Liquor Store which will move to the far west end unit of the Kwik Stop Plaza in Penrose.