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Commissioners Impose Fire Ban at Sheriff’s Request

Hot and dry conditions which have contributed to the Hayden Pass wildfire at Coaldale have now prompted the Fremont County Board of Commissioners to impose a fire ban at the request of Fremont County Sheriff Jim Beicker.   A resolution to impose a fire ban was added to the Board of Commissioners’ regular meeting agenda Tuesday morning.    Sheriff Beicker told the commissioners that in light of the Hayden Pass wildfire he has become more aware of low moisture content in wildfire fuels across the county.    Beicker told the Board, “We don’t need another fire event and the long range forecast shows very little moisture”.

Beicker said he intends to have further conversations with the local fire districts and the Bureau of Land Management in an effort to make sure everyone is on the same page.   Beicker said he is initially imposing Stage 1 fire restrictions which prohibits all agricultural burning, all fireworks and explosives.  Campfires are only permitted within developed campgrounds.   Use of charcoal grills are prohibited in undeveloped areas and use of gas grills are allowed only in areas free of flammable vegetation.   Stage One first restrictions also prohibit outdoor smoking and discarding of cigarette butts from any vehicle is also strictly prohibited.   The restrictions apply to all unincorporated areas of Fremont County and went into effect immediately.

County commissioners in Park and Teller County imposed fire bans yesterday and the Custer County Board of Commissioners is also expected to consider imposing a fire ban this week.   A detailed list of what’s prohibited and what’s allowed under Stage 1 fire restrictions can be reviewed on the home page of Fremont County’s web site at