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Chief Deputy Coroner Appointed New Fremont County Coroner

Carlette Brocious (left) pictured with Fremont County Coroner Dr. Dorothy Twellman after the Board of Commissioners voted to appoint Brocious to replace Twellman who is retiring after nearly 20 years as Coroner

Fremont County’s Chief Deputy Coroner was selected today to serve as the new Fremont County Coroner to replace Dr. Dorothy Twellman who is retiring from the post.   The Fremont County Board of Commissioners met in special session and appointed Carlette Brocious of Penrose to succeed Dr. Twellman.   Brocious has served as a deputy coroner for the past seven years, is a certified death investigator for the State of Colorado, and was an Emergency Room Nursing Director for 22 years.   County Commission Chair Debbie Bell said although state law does not require it, the Board of Commissioners chose to focus on medical qualifications in reviewing applications for coroner.

District 3 Commissioner Ed Norden said the Board of Commissioners was not only impressed with the quality of Brocious’ resume but was also impressed with her commitment to the job as expressed in her interview.   Brocious told the Board of Commissioners that becoming the County Coroner is her dream and is what she wants to do.   Norden said he was also impressed with Brocious’ efforts to digitalize all of the coroner’s records and to make death certificates available through the county’s web site which could be a revenue producer for the Coroner’s Office.

Dr. Twellman noted that Brocious has already spent over 100 hours of her own time converting paper files in the Coroner’s Office to a computerized data bank.

Commissioner Bell said the Board was impressed with the quality of the five applicants that the Commissioners interviewed for the appointment.   She said there was 21 persons who applied for the post.

Brocious will be sworn into office at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 8th, along with other county officials who were elected last November.