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Asbestos Mitigation Advances in County Administration Building

A ceiling in the Fremont County Building Department's storage room was enclosed by CHC of Pueblo West during 2013 as part of the county's ongoing effort to address asbestos issue in the County Administration Building

A contract approved at the March 11th meeting of the Board of County Commissioners represents the next step in continuing efforts by the Commissioners to remediate areas of asbestos in the Fremont County Administration Building at 615 Macon in Cañon City.   The Commissioners approved a contract with Colorado Hazard Control (CHC) of Pueblo West in the amount of $79,140.

The contract includes proper cleaning of about 653 square feet of asbestos ceiling cavities in three areas of the building, wet removal and disposal of 1,303 square feet of asbestos fire proofing on structural beams, and the sealing-off of another 459 square feet of asbestos materials in difficult to reach areas.

Fremont County Manager George Sugars said the areas targeted for removal of asbestos includes a storage area used by CSU Extension and the telephone and mechanical room both on the lower level of the building.    Space targeted for cleaning of operations and maintenance areas include maintenance access above the County Treasurer’s break room, maintenance access to the air handler for the Planning and Zoning Office on the 2nd floor, and maintenance access to the air handler above the Human Resources Office.   The two areas targeted to be sealed off are the air handler space in the lower level vault and the mechanical room located adjacent to state inspectors’ offices on the 2nd floor.

The asbestos remediation is part of an ongoing effort to address asbestos issues in the Fremont County Administration Building.    The Board of Commissioners originally contracted for an asbestos management plan in the facility following a request by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment nearly two years ago.

District 3 Commissioner Ed Norden noted that the funding for the asbestos remediation comes from money set aside by the Board of Commissioners as part of the Certificates of Participation refinancing package approved by the Board last September.