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Child Support FAQ

What are the responsibilities of child support?

To establish Paternity, Child Support and Medical Support Orders. To enforce orders with various enforcement remedies.

How do I apply for child support services?

  1. If you are receiving TANF (Temporary Aide Needy Families) or Low Income Child Care assistance from Human Services, your case will be referred to Child Support Enforcement. Ask your case manager if your case has or will be referred.
  2. If you are not receiving these types of assistance, you may request a Non-Public Assistance Application in person, by phone, by e-mail or download the application from the Colorado Child Support Website.

Who can apply for child support services?

  1. Any person with a child in their home, where one or both parents are absent from that home.
  2. Any parent or presumed parent that has a child not presently living with them.

How much does it cost?

  1. If you are receiving TANF assistance, there is no cost for our services.
  2. If you are not on assistance or are receiving Low Income Child Care, a one-time $20.00 fee is required. A case can be opened by either party.

Where can I find further information on child support enforcement?

Refer to the Colorado Child Support Website.

Where do I go for statutes, status, pay records and applications?

Colorado Child Support Website.

Where do I go to get legal forms, such as custody and parenting time, modification or child support, separation agreements, divorce, etc.?

Colorado Judicial Branch Website
Note: Colorado Child Support Agencies do not handle custody or parenting time. Your child support is due regardless of parenting time issues. You will need to contact an attorney or file legal action regarding these issues.

When must paternity be established?

If the parents are not married at the birth of a child, the father's name is not automatically placed on the child's birth certificate. The father must sign a Statement of Paternity. If the father's name is not on the birth certificate, paternity must be established.

Am I furnished an attorney?

No, the attorney retained by the County represents the State of Colorado. You do not have direct contact with the attorney and you are not billed for attorney time.

What are the enforcement remedies?

The various enforcement remedies used for collections of child support payments are drivers license suspension, hunting and fishing license suspension, contempt (which may result in jail time), professional license suspension, passport suspension, wage withholding, interception of tax refunds, unemployment benefits, Workman's Compensation benefits and any lottery winnings, credit report, liens, judgments and seizure of bank accounts.

For more information on all child support payments, please call
1-800-374-6558 or log on to the Colorado Child Support Website.