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As of July 1, 2008, HB-1260 became effective pertaining to the titling and recording of manufactured homes. Procedures have been changed for all types of manufactured home transactions. Flow charts and forms have been developed to aid in the different processes.

Due to the varying circumstances of each manufactured home transaction, please come into our office for more information.  Upon answering specific questions regarding your situation we can give you the most current and up to date information and forms/flow charts you will need.

Please remember our office does not title or handle any modular home transactions.

Some basic information regarding manufactured homes:

A DR2698 Verification of Vehicle Identification Number is not required on out of state titles or MSO’s for manufactured homes.

Most manufactured home transactions are required to be recorded. The recording fees for manufactured homes are as follows:

$13.00 for the first page and $5.00 for each additional page.  The clerk will determine what needs to be recorded.

Sales taxes for manufactured homes are figured a little differently.  They are always taxed on 52% of the purchase price of the home.  For example if you paid $60,000.00 for the home, we would only charge tax on $31,200.00.  Also sales tax is not always due for manufactured homes.  There is no state or county sales tax due on a used (titled) manufactured home and Canon City sales tax is only due if the home is located inside Canon City limits.  There is no Florence city tax due on a used (titled) manufactured home.  On a new (MSO) manufactured home all applicable sales taxes are due based on the location of the home.  State is always due and city (Canon or Florence) taxes are only due if located inside the city limits.  County tax on a new (MSO) home is only due if purchased from a dealer inside the county.  If it was purchased outside of the county, no county tax is due.

For more information you can visit the State of Colorado’s website at